Feedcount give so much impression on your blog. I, too, love my feedcount. But trust me recently, I have mistakenly discovered one trick that can boost your feedcount to 50% to 200%.

The trick is simple enough. All you need is a free, open source browser called Mozilla Firefox. While I’m trying to build a widget to bookmark my favourite’s blog such as cypherhackz, selfobliged, azhar ahmad, sembang komputer, vangardx, and others to return their latest topic on my Firefox tabs (such as the Live Bookmark, only all the latest topic in one place), I live-bookmarked my theboringdekan to start with.

Still not found the way, the next day, I found out theboringdekan boosted to 20 readers from 4 readers the other day. It’s 400% isn’t it? Curious to find how it would happen, checking at feedburner, it came from the tabs Firefox Live Bookmark!

Then I think, is there any way we can discover the culprit from outside, and found it is undetectable. Unless you activate the feedburner API awareness or shutdown your computer for a period of days, then the reader can notice the major difference.

Okay, if you want to do this, think for a while. Is it worth? Your own answer for your own reason.

Again, the step is just live-bookmarked your own feed to boost your feedcount. If you make a folder of your live bookmark and bookmark it again and again, it will loop until 1000% until you realized it won’t help you feel the excitement of your work.

I really love to hear your opinion on this.

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